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    Students awarded at 2021 Architecture MasterPrize under guidance of Prof. Juan Yi Kai and Associate Prof. Chen Yan Ting leadimage

    Indoor space is the spirit and soul of architecture. This interior design project is in the hot spring area of Taipei, Taiwan. The design introduces unique natural resources and rich local culture and tries to use natural elements as the main elements of the space. From environment to building, building to interior, the overall interior it’s carried out outside to inside. The materials are interlocked and echo each other to create a natural atmosphere so that the overall space has the most comfortable vocabulary.

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Tenured position: Assistant Professor or above

Position:Assistant Professor or above (Tenured)
Closing Date:111.2.28

2021 Special Topics List

Preference list is due 12/10 by 5PM. If not handed in to the office before cutoff date, you topic will be decided by the office.

Department of Architecture Graduating Regulations

Forms and regulations for graduating from Department of Architecture.

Remote Learning and Authorization Code

請mail至附件檔中課程所公告的聯絡信箱,信件內請註記:1.學校科系2.年級3.姓名4.學號5.電子郵件6.欲加簽課程名稱7.加簽原因。 (欲申請「建築與土地整體開發策略」授權碼請加註8.詳細學經歷附照片) 建築系遠距授課及授權碼發放事宜1 (1) 建築系辦公室 王怜華敬上

2022_Department of Architecture Thesis Exhibition

2022/06/10-06/13 We invite everyone who are passionate about architecture to come and attend our exhibition。

Students awarded “Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award”

17th Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award of 29 groups shortlisted 38 candidates, 6 of which is “Competition Prowess” recognizing those that has achieved outstanding results in international design competitions, the remaining 23 is for “Technical and Vocational Excellence” recognizing those that has achievements in the industry.
Taiwan Tech Architecture Student 龔照峻 and 江軍 was awarded for quantity of competition awards, and quantity of professional license, respectively.